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As part of the oldest law enforcement agency in the State of New Mexico, the men and women of the New Mexico Livestock Board serve and protect an industry that has been operating in the western territory of what is now the United States for over 400 years. Though New Mexico did not become a state until 1912, our agency was formed in 1887 as the Cattle Sanitary Board. The Sheep Sanitary Board formed two years later. The two organizations merged in 1967, becoming the New Mexico Livestock Board which continues today as an agency of the State of New Mexico.

Our mission is to protect the integrity of New Mexico's livestock industry. Our team of about sixty full time inspectors and another sixty full and part time deputies continuously patrol and perform inspections around our state to help keep our livestock free from disease and safe from theft. We are also the office of the State Veterinarian, whose team collaborates with various government and private sector partners to ensure that our state remains free of diseases.


The every-three-year renewal period for livestock brands has just been completed. This means that brands with a 2014 expiration date are now considered expired, and those brand owners may not ship livestock with those brands. You may bring them up-to-date now by clicking the "Renew your Brand" button on the right. It will step you through the process of renewing. If you prefer to print a form and send it in with a check, click here for the form.  Using either method, you can now register for 3,6,9 or 12 years at once to avoid going though this process every three years.

Brands that expired in 2008 are now considered terminated. This means that they cannot be renewed, and those images are no longer considered when researching brands for conflicts. Those brand owners who wish to renew with that image must start over apply for it as a new brand. 

Brands that expired in 2011 remain in an expired state, but are not terminated until 2017.  This means that they are still considered to be existing brands when we are researching new brand images, but livestock with those brands will not pass inspection and will not be allowed to be shipped.  To renew these brands, you must pay both for the lapsed renewal period and the current renewal period, a total of $200.

For more information, visit our Brand Department page.


To aquire a livestock entry permit 24 hours / 7 days a week, please use the "NM Entry Permits" menu choice on the left to create permits yourself online. Please note that all horses, mules, asses, cattle and bison entering NM from another state must have an entry permit.


If you prefer to use the telephone, call (800) 432-6889 and you will be directed to a live representative who will provide you with an entry permit number. Please have an accurate origination and destination address including zip code to obtain a permit.

*Note: The 800 number listed above is only for entry permits. Any other inquiries or matters should be directed to (505)841-6161.


Mailing Address:

300 San Mateo NE
Suite 1000
Albuquerque, NM 87108-1500 Directions and map

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Mountain Time)

Phone: (505)841-6161
Fax: (505)841-6160


Our office is located on the NE corner of Central and San Mateo in Albuquerque, NM. We are on the 10th floor of the building located just north of the Bank of the West building. Parking is located off of San Mateo in between the two high rise buildings. Please take the elevator to the 9th floor and follow the stairs right up to our foyer. A small elevator is available, if needed, to reach our office on the 10th floor. Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, we are open during the lunch hour.

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NMLB Welcomes the New State Veterinarian


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